Check Out This Cheapest Method On How To Produce OMO Detergent

Omo Detergent Production

First of all, let’s look at the importance of Soap.

Soap is for adequate cleaning of the environment. It is also used to remove bacteria and microorganism from the skin. It enable day to day washing activities take place.

Omo Detergent Production

These are the materials for the production of OMO

  • Caustic Soda 1kg
  • Soda ash 3kg
  • Industrial salt (1 level tablespoon)
  • Foaming agent (1 bottle of Lucozade)
  • K.O oil (6 bottle lucozade)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (4 tin of tomatoes)
  • Ammonic Acid (2 table spoon)
  • Perfume(to paste)
  • Colour oil soluble (to taste)
  • Water (6 bottle of lucozade)

Omo Detergent Production


  • Mix 1kg caustic soda in a plastic bucket and soda ash in a separate bucket and 3kg soda ash in a separate bucket with 6 bottles of water lucozade which is 3 to 3.
  • Turn the caustic soda and the soda ash very well for the two to dissolve very well.
  • Then mix the caustic soda and soda ash together and leave it to ferment for 24 hours.
  • Always use along stick to dissolve the ashes and caustic soda in the bucket
  • Then put the oil in a very big bowl and turn the oil and add industrial salt and foaming and then stir it very well.
  • Then add the mixture of caustic soda and soda ash into the oil mixture and stir and add ammonic acid and then stir very well and check when the mixture is becoming watering then stop
  • Then use a bacco bag outside to pour the mixture of the product and leave it to dry on sun.
  • Then when it’s dry, use the sieve to make it in a powder form.
  • Add perfume when it’s ready for sell.

Note: be careful when using these chemicals and children should not be allowed to come close. if the chemical is in contact with your body or cloth, immediately use water to rinse it.

Omo Detergent Production


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