Drunk Policeman Brutalizes A Man With His Gun At First Bank, Uyo, Akwa Ibom

As shared by Harta Whodohmar who lives in Uyo….

‘Happy new year to all  my  friends,  relatives and colleagues this  post is  a special privilege to  me considering  all  that  has  happened to me in the year 2016.
Wednesday the 21st of December 2016 I went to  first  Bank Abak road to  deposit some  money on coming  out from  the  banking hall the  security had  blocked  the  main entrance,  I requested theat they should open the gate so  I can drive out to  meet up wornto meet up with Keystone Bank before they close for the day.

The   drunk mobile policeman came to  the  scene and   enquired to  know what  is going on,  I responded by telling him to ask  the  security
Angrily he pushed me  out and  came after me  with  his  riffle, hit my headwith the riffle and  ran along with  passersby everyone abandoned me me only for a friend to  rush me to  the  hospital
after series of scanning and  x-ray doctor’s diagnose that  my skulll was broken and that  pieces of my skull had fallen into my  brain

Trust me I am  gradually recovering,elseyou wouldn’t see this post
I now thknow the  full meaning of pains
Special thanks  to  all who visited me,  tothose whoput phone calls across and  to  those who  prayed to  God  on my  behalf. 
My unreserved gratitude goes permanently to God for seeing me  through the operation and  still sustaining me, even when I didn’t have the millions that  was requested’

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