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Facts About N-Power And NDE(

Facts About N-Power And NDE(

Can Npower Volunteers
apply for jobs on
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Since the National Directorate of Employment launched
its job portal htts:// for unemployed Nigerians, N-power voluteers are unsure whether they
too can apply. Yesterday, more 100 N-power beneficiaries asked us: Ca n Npower volunteers register for job on NDE job portal?
That question necessitated this article.
The fact is: N-Power successful corps can apply for jobs on jobsforall portal
Reasons are:
1) Jobsforall is an avenue for unemployed and employers to meet.
Technically, no specific jobs have been provided. It’s only hoped that potential employers of labour will visit the portal to get best hands that can appropriately fit into the available vacances in their establishment.
So, n-power volunteers are free to apply. Aside that, jobsforall isn’t exclusively meant for government to
employ, private entrepreneurs could also come to the portal to scout for good hands.
2) Jobsforall portal, apart from being a job portal, could as well be an information platform for the Federal
Government to have the real statistics of unemployed in Nigeria.
In terms, it may be difficult forNigerian-based firms to go to the portal to employ at the moment, since they can easily get hands within their environent. We know
how terrible the issue of unemployment is in Nigeria.
You don’t believe that, then just place a job vacancy in front of your house and see the number of applications you’d receive before the end of the week.
So, don’t panic, your application on NDE job portal wont disturb your npower engagement. No penalty, no crime,
you can apply.
3) Npower job isn’t a permanent one.
Your engagement with npower is for a period of two- year. It’s even possible it takes another three years for
jobsforall to be a scout platform for employers of labour, by then your service with npower would have
been terminated.
Why not apply now and wait for the result later.
We’ve seen those who were invited for interview, more than 12 months after their applications were submitted.
4) While npower job portal is exclusively for Federal government to engage over 500,000 unemployed Nigerians, jobsforall is a job registration portal for all, just like it’s obtainable in advanced countries of the world. So, you’re free to register and submit your CV for
potential jobs in future.
5) It’s bodly written on jobsforall portal that when you submit your CV and details, you increase your chances
of employment, it’s not immediate job! This means that it’s not a guaranty for job. No crime in trying.
Above all, npower volunteers shouldn’t limit themselves to a two-year job, they should plan ahead.
They should ask themselves :Where do I go, what do I do after two years of Npower job?
It’s better to look out for other opportunities, since no one knows the plan government has for volunteers after
the programme, it’s advisable to find a better place, if you can’t establish yourself on a small scale.
We must give credit to President Muhammadu Buhari- led government for his noble plans for unemployed
Nigerian youths through his job creation programeme,
However, #30,000 is not sufficient to sustain a family considering the hyper-galloping inflation in the country,
then applying for jobs on portal will be a nice idea for N-Power volunteers.

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