How GetHelp Worldwide Xclusive Works | MatchesInvestment 

How GetHelp Worldwide Xclusive Works | Matches

How GetHelp Worldwide Xclusive Works | Matches

Going straight to the point, Please note the following.

  • GHWx is NOT Random Matching
  • GHWx implements a Smart Serial matching logic to match member’s 90%

Please look at the diagram below. The diagram shows two scenarios

  • 1. Matching of a GH of 400k with 100% Serial (Strictly based on oldest PH)
  • 2. Matching of a GH of same 400k with Smart Serial Logic


In the first scenario, for every GH that comes in, we are expected to match oldest PH first regardless of its amount (10k, 30k, 60k, 90k …etc) , So if there is a cluster of 5k, we will be expected to match all of them to the 400k GH first.

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Think about this for a minute, what if we are processing a GH of 1,300,000 and there is a cluster of 10k being the oldest Phs, matching the 1.3Miil will assigning 130 members to pay the 1.3 Mil. No receiving member will be happy with this.

How GetHelp Worldwide Xclusive Works | Matches

The Second smart option allows for the matching logic to skip any PH that is not at least 10% of GH amount. From the image, you see that the system jumped to week 1-2 to service that particular GH . This means that for every GH , you will have a maximum matching of 10 members to pay you.

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In conclusion, we are committed to ensuring that your PH stays as long as possible in your hands, but still, We STRONGLY advise that some of the members here stop this prediction game and stop planning on “recycling” one amount for 2 PH.

GHWx working is in the hands of the members. Let’s make this work ..

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