Latest News from MMM Nigeria(A Must Read)


  • News will appear on MMM PO/website tomorrow

  • GH for 2017 mavro is off limit, this means you can GH 2017 mavro without limit

  • 2016 mavro will still be GH within limits…so check on a daily basis to know the limit

  • About 2016 Mavro, when the new model is implemented, it will be mostly for mavro 2016.

  • PH now no matter how small because it will help the system…

*Now everything is back to normal. So PH no matter how little. Be it #5,000 , #10,000. Any amount will be great..

  • With time we will introduce a contest..

*Now the new model is already done and workable, but more will be introduced with time…

  • Guiders should work hard and encourage their downlines to do the needful with the system..

  • We listen to all your suggestions/opinions/complaints but not every one can be implemented…


  • About those suggesting PH before GH of 2016 Mavro, all were advised to produce a document showing how it should work and be presented on Wednesday

  • A google form will be created where people will use to fill in their suggestions. The form will be created and sent in 2 hours.

*Now its time to be active by everyone.

*MMM will never ever go down. Everything we are doing is for us, and we will overcome.

One comment

  • The truth is MMM might recover slower than we expect especially when platforms like are evolving.

    They offer higher returns (It offers 100% profit in 20days) with better structure that ensures sustainability.

    Re-commitment of previous PH amount (amount can’t be less than previous PH)

    Auto PH _ works alongside the re-commitment feature.
    Every GH is accompanied by a PH of not less than the previous PH (but can be more, If not entered, system automatically PH recommit value)

    Strict Matching Policy

    Opportunity to become a DIRECTOR / ELITE with lots of Bonuses.

    10% referral bonus
    5%,3% director bonus
    Minimum PH = #20,000
    Maximum PH= #1,000,000

    GH to PH ratio is 1:1, thus no multiple PH is allowed, Cannot GH without PH

    60 active downlines to become a Director

    Reduced risk since your capital can be gotten after one transaction

    Reject button to flag Fake POP

    Live Support Chat from dashboard to resolve any issue ASAP

    36 hours to auto approve PH if participants fail to approve after POP has been uploaded.

    Member to Member chat on dashboard e.t.c

    Check out their site via

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