Latest Update From MMM Guider’s meeting(New Improvement)


  1. Programmers to implement our suggestions:

a. Deletion of Guiders bonuses

b. Stopping the growth of mavros

c. Participants not to GH more than 3 times of what they PH

  1. Tomorrow there would be announced on our PO on promo task contest

  2. SMS notifications would be turn on soon when orders are created. When u get and order to pay or your GH order is created, u would receive sms notification.

  3. If u don’t believe in the system u can leave

  4. If u have proposal for offline presentation please submit it and we will fund them

  5. This week, part of what we suggested would be implemented. Our votes were submitted

  6. This week despatching process was solved

  7. Fake proof of payment for January and February is being solved now, after that fake POP of December would be solved

  8. Mavro 2017 is working now. Tell ur DLs to PH. Everyday tens of thousands of people are getting GH

  9. Mavro 2016 is still under limit but u can still GH within the limit

  10. Promo task is to share the testimonies we have. If u don’t want to share the testimonies that we have its up to u.

  11. Submit proposal for funding of event we will sponsor

  12. Stay positive. If u keep complaining it would give nothing to you.

  13. You would see the progress and news on your PO from tomorrow.

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