Making China move a ‘waste’ of career – Robben

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has criticised stars at the peak of their careers who accept “crazy” money to go to China.

Robben told Radio 538 the pair and others who have also made the move have sounded the death knell of their careers.

“I don’t know where I could go at my age,” the Bayern man, who signed a contract extension with the German champions to 2018 this week, said. “A transfer to China would be something completely different. It means that your career is finished. I want to stay at the highest level for as long as possible.”

He added: “They’re at the height of their career. It’s really a waste. You only have one career. I can understand those who have gone there when they’re 30.”

Robben, who moved from PSV Eindhoven to Chelsea and Real Madrid before joining Bayern in 2009, said he too could have earned more money by moving to the Far East.

“There’s a lot of craziness about China right now. The numbers on offer are just mad. I have also received offers,” the Netherlands international said.

“The money that they wave in front of you is so crazy that you have to at least think about it. They can offer you four, five, six times the amount you earn at a big club. But money has never been my motivation. That’s why I’ve had such a great career. For me, there’s only football.

“I am having a lot of fun here at Bayern and I play in one of the best clubs in the world.”

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