NYSC Orientation Camp Registration | Requirements

NYSC Orientation Camp Registration | Requirements

Upon arrival, you will go for clearance using your call up letter, statement of result, and school ID card.

Biometric Registration, which will determine the platoon you belong. And you will be given, “Camp Corps Member Registration Slip” make two photocopy, and keep them for further processing.

Check your state code, the last four digit is important to you. It ranges from, 0 to 9. 0 is platoon 10, 1 is platoon 1, 2 is platoon 2, and 9 is platoon 9.

Go to your platoon inspector with the camp corps member registration slip, Green Card, Call up letter, statement of result, to get your file, meal ticket, and NYSC Kits.

To submit the file the next day, you will need two passport, and instruction will be given on how to arrange your document in your file.

Using your crested NYSC T-Shirt, you will take a passport photograph with NYSC Official for a token.

You will be given : Certificate formate, Performance report form, and Bio-data form. Fill, and submit with your crested NYSC passport.

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