PH To GH 10% Of 2016 Mavro | MMM Releases 10% 2016 Mavro

PH To GH 10% Of 2016 Mavro | MMM Releases 10% 2016 Mavro

MMM has finally released 2016 Mavro.  You can now GH 10% of whatever you PH, it has started…

For instance, PH 200,000NGN to get 260,000NGN but ➕ 10% you get 280,000NGN….
It’s now your turn to work on your 2016 mavro.

Now do you know?

that it’s not just about 10% of your new PH released to you from #oldMavros? You can also get up to #1,000 or more from your #2016Mavros in #30days? Yeah right!

It’s simple;

bring back old (lost) friends and make new ones, make them realise #MMMCommunity is working perfectly fine. Then get rewarded for your effort when they #PH. It’s 10% referral + 10% reward (both 20% comes from your #2016Mavros). Yes, 20%, you read that right!

So, what are you waiting for?

I just shake my head for those who have lost a lot (to copycats) including their #PO log in details to “all fast everything”. If only they’ll admit to the fact that #MMM is Patience and for the patient souls.


See pictures below;

MMM Releases 10% 2016 Mavro

Already working… PH and check your mavro.. News will appear on your PO soon….

PH wisely and GH wisely…

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