Steps To Follow For You To Be Paid In N-Power

N-Power Payment, N-Power Stipend

I bring you some latest tittle-tattles per se which i feel might actually be of help to someone……
You may now agree with my earlier stance that countless visits to Awka or writing letters to zonal or state ASUBEB offices is near-useless in the quest to resolving the payment imbroglio. They may give you hope and take several processes before chanelling your complaint to npower. THE FASTEST WAY TO RESOLVE YOUR NPOWER PAYMENT EMBROILMENT IS TO DIAL THE NPOWER CARELINE DURING WORK-HOURS FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY OR CHAT THEM UP THROUGH THE NPVN PORTAL. Now, it is very difficult to connect them but one needs an overwhelming persistence to make the call go through. Gather all Npowerites in your school having payment issues and have a conference time calling them at the same time.. Once any of the line connects, queue up and lay your complaints one after the other. I have given many people this same trick and testimonies abound and the sweetest part of this is that you would know your stand once you speak with these agents either through the calls or chats. I will give the number shortly here for those who dont have the number……
There is a new segment in the npvn portal marked out as “LEARN”.. This is an ICT PROGRAMME aimed at teaching npowerites via the CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY.. Therefore, you are urged to log in and see for yourselves….

N-Power Payment, N-Power Stipend
We learnt from unofficial sources that our devices are almost ready as they are being installed with NPOWER PRE-INSTALLED APPLICATIONS thus would be ready for collection soonest. Those already planning to market the devices are advised to hold back such plans as the device is programmed to be the correspondent tool between you and your Nployer……

N-Power Payment, N-Power Stipend.
Simply, everything is gonna be double double for such folks as we get to the next payment cycle….

NPOWER careline 08145569572


  • Raji Oluwafunminiyi

    I’m Raji Oluwafunminiyi, from Oyo State, Ona Ara Local Government. My correct date of birth is 28-04-1985 but it shows on my profile as 23-04-1985. Please, help me out.

  • Adegbami babawale sunday

    I have not been paid since the begaining of this program

  • I have not be paid since they have been paid them my name is Tajudeen Jurai ago and in the profile they wrote Tajudeen Jubril Ago please I need help


    My name is COOKEY. I. BOMA from Opobo /Nkoro LGA here in Rivers State. Have been on able to open my Account, my user name & password both not responding, but have written it down manually at the head office Elekahia and have not been paid my stipends backdated from Dec, till date. Npower please help. GOD bless.

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