Stop waiting. Hide your certificate and start doing something

You graduated 15, 10, years ago and still no job yet. You talk to people around about it, to get help but you are mocked behind you and they talk about you and say all sorts of things.

You walk almost all the roads and streets in Lagos in search of job, still no job. Any company you go to, they tell u to apply online whenever they have vacancies.

You stay at home to search for jobs online and neighbours gossip you and say he stays at home doing nothing, instead of him to go out and hustle like his mates. They term you a lazy man.

You come on nairaland to talk about your joblessness and how you have suffered, and you see people advising and some even opting to help, but at the end, you discover it was all but a show. No one wants to help…..Nobody wants to help, even if they can. I even doubt if any man helps any man these days. Mostly they prefer to help women! I’ve had about 4 different Nairalanders that have opted to help, but they just stop replying when you send them the mail or CV they requested.

You lay on your bed every night, thinking, sometimes praying and crying.. ..soaking your pillows with tears, but it just seem like God is just far away.

The truth is.. …nobody cares! Nobody gives a damn about you. If you like kill yourself inside your room……nobody cares! You don’t have a job for 20 years, nobody cares! You discover that the more you tell people your problems the more they mock you and use you as a topic of discussion, and the more you get frustrated. Nobody helps anybody again in Nigeria.

This is to me and all those nairalanders like me, coming to seek for help……coming to seek for job…..Stop begging for job, stop hoping that someone will help you here. Drop that your certificate, in fact go and hide it(i just did that today) Go out there, carry concrete-in-pans on your head and climb a 3- storey building, wash toilets, carry loads for people, work as labourer on site, carry packages from container to store, carry cement, do all sorts of dirty jobs and make money.. ….no matter how small. At least you won’t beg anyone, or hope on anyone.
Just do anything to survive, cos no one will help you except you.

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